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How To Weight Loss After C Section?

Cook of the Week Barbara Hartwig of Deerfield cooks often with fresh vegetables in such dishes as her homemade veggie frittata and pizza. I have always liked food and cooking -- hence the Weight Watchers connection," she quips. It is that connection that has helped Barbara not only lose weight, but also given her tools for preparing healthy, but still tasty meals. "In all reality, we are eating better than we ever did before, and I still get pleasure out of cooking and watching someone else enjoy it, too." According to Barb, the first step is planning. "It starts with menu planning." On Friday evenings Barb sits down with her cookbooks and magazines, the grocery store ads and her calendar. "First, I look at my schedule and see when I'll have time to cook something more elaborate, or if I will need something easy. Then I look at the ads, to see what is on sale, and then I look in the pantry to see what I have in the house. All these things factor in -- I'll ask my husband what he has a taste for and then look for recipes." Barb likes to try a new recipe at least once a week. "I'm not one of those people who can look in the kitchen and say 'well, I have this and this so I'll just whip something up.' I use recipes. There are artists, and there are craftsmen -- we craftsmen take the pieces and put them together with a plan," she laughs.   Pizza made with fresh vegetables, by Cook of the Week Barbara Hartwig of Deerfield.

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